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Technicolor Grey Zone Plus Bob Marsh as The Visitor

Join us on Friday, March 30, 2018 in the Art Grove for an exciting one night only performance art event. 'Thollem's Technicolor Grey Zone' is a multimedia experience pairing Thollem's live musical scoring to films. This year he's focusing on the films and video art of Martha Colburn (U.S./Holland), Tuia Cherici (Italy/France) and ACVilla (U.S.). Thollem has worked with each of these three filmmakers on various projects throughout North America and Europe including Maxxi Museum in Rome, Philadelphia Museum of Art, New Museum, SF MOMA, Crowley Theater, San Diego Institute of Art, Crystal Bridges, Toledo Museum of Art, Trinosophes, Pioneer Works, Northwest Film Forum, Sundance, Rotterdam Film Festival and more.

This is an unforgettable show, bringing together the work of these 3 unique filmmakers with Thollem's Prophet and a microphone: jumping from an electric diving board into reality and imagination, landing squarely in the midst of the time of our lives at the center of a world on the edge.

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Bob Marsh is a well seasoned improviser whose work has involved shaping sounds words images ideas. Originally from Detroit, Marsh arrived in the Bay Area in 2000 after ten years in Chicago where he played with most of the avant improvisers in that rich and varied scene. Since his arrival on the west coast, multi-instrumentalist and composer Marsh has been busy with several projects. He currently leads or directs String Theory, a string ensemble focusing on textures and microtonics; the Che Guevarra Memorial Marching (and Stationary) Accordion Band, structured and free improv for six to fifteen accordions; Robot Martians, electronics and processed voice; the Out of the Blue Chamber Ensemble, a mixture of reeds and strings; Opera Viva, voiced physical theater; the Quintessentials, a quintet specializing in interpreting graphic compositions based on alterations to the Michelin Road Guide to France; and the Illuminated Orchestra, structured improves for large ensemble. Additionally Marsh is a member of Romus/Diaz-Infante's Abstractions, Jim Ryan's Left Coast Improv Group, Moe! Staiano's Moe!chestra and Tom Bickley's Cornelius Cardew Choir. Bob Marsh tours frequently with his long term partner saxophonist Jack Wright. Bob has recently been presenting a solo work involving violin, voice and tap shoes. Marsh's educational background includes a BFA in sculpture and an MA in humanistic clinical psychology. He has studied classical piano, classical guitar and vibraphone and has taught himself various other instruments. He currently is active with cello, accordion, violin, voice, vibraphone and electronics.

Marsh plays well with others such as Jim Baker, John Berndt, Tom Bickley, Jeb Bishop, Kyle Bruckmann, Gust Burns, Gene Coleman, George Cremaschi, Matt Davingon, Ernesto Diaz-Infante, Dina Emerson, Bryan Eubanks, R. Albert Falesch, John Finkbeiner, Tara Flandreau, Stephen Flinn, Jonathon Fretheim, Carol Genetti, Greg Goodman, Morgan Guberman, Greg Hamilton, Chris Heenan, Ron Heglin, Jeff Hobbs, Matt Ingalls, Kurt Johnson, Aurora Josephson, Andrew Lafkas, Adam Lane, Eric Leonardson, Jacob Lindsay, Fred Longberg-Holm, Toshi Makihara, Tatsuya Nakatani, Tom Nunn, Suki Oâ€TKane, Garth Powell, Bhob Rainey, Hal Rammell, Rent Romus, Scott Rosenberg, Jim Ryan, Joe Sabella, Jonathon Segel, John Shiurba, Blaise Siwula, David Slusser, Damon Smith, Adam Sonderberg, Karen Stackpole, Grant Strombeck, Tom Swafford, Ken Vandermark, Matt Weston, Sue Wolf, Theresa Wong, Michael Zelner, Michael Zerang. 

For more information about Bob Marsh visit his website at:

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