jeff madeen



Harold “Bud” Madeen studied at the American Academy of Art in Chicago. After graduating he started work at the Elgin National Watch Factory in their advertising department. He also worked in the advertising departments of an Elgin Illinois based department store and grocery store chain. He won several awards for his creative campaigns relating to the grocery store chain and started his own small advertising company in Elgin Il.

Bud started work on his Freedom Series in 1966, working on the weekends. He never really spoke to Jeff about the content or what drove him to make the art. “It was like he provided the work and the viewer provides the questions,” Jeff said. “These paintings were hung all around our house when I grew up, and the first painting was of me Titled Teenagers, the paintings wormed their way into my psyche where I wanted answers to the questions they asked”.

Jeff has uncovered some answers to the questions in Bud’s paintings. He will be sharing his answers adjacent to each painting, the truth in the answers will get you to question your belief system.

In Jeff’s part of the show he will be using mediums of photography, destruction, assemblage, wood block prints, mixed media sculptures, paint on canvas, installation and video. Jeff invited several local artists to create tin foil hat’s to be shown in conjunction with his show.

Jeff’s work encourages the viewer to think beyond the obvious. Often politically charged and provocative, Madeen offers encouragement for us to think for ourselves, hone critical thinking skills and go where the questions take you, often in new directions, and to create your own conclusions. This exhibit of the joining of two generations of artists is sure to leave those who experience it with fuel for thought for days and weeks to come.

Jeff Madeen studied at the Art Institute of Chicago. He has lived and created art in Durango since 1995.